The Rift

The Rift is a project that makes me absolutely little kid in a petting zoo giddy. It’s a screenplay I wrote over the last big chunk of time that might be some of my classiest writing. In a shower epiphany I decided that The Rift was just too cool to be sitting on a shelf gathering dust. I tracked down the wonderful artist Kevin Phillips and a beautiful comic layout was created. Soon to come to Kickstarter, and to a grubby little hand near you.

Lail’s Map

This map brought to you by Lail – traveler, postwoman, collector of bugs and plants – herself. It may or may not be accurate, it’s not like she graduated with a degree in cartography or something. Lail plans on updating the map as she goes so don’t forget to check back periodically. Read Yuri’s Monsters every Wednesday to hear about Lail, Yuri and Grandma’s adventures.